3 Foods for Muscle

If you are looking to get in top shape and building mass is your top priority then you should be looking at what and how you eat. You should think of the foods for muscle that you need because food is the ultimate mass gainer weapon that you have. That is not something that you will hear from many diet books, and that is because most of the diets that you read about will work to keep you skinny. The thing is that building muscle is an even better way to lose the extra fat while at the same time replacing it with the wanted muscle look.

Go With The “Super Foods”

You have probably heard about super foods, but you may not have a clear idea of what they are. Super foods are the things that you eat that will make it easier to build muscle or burn fats while providing you with the most nutrients. This is one of the places where the average diet and your mass gained diet are different. You have to consume carbohydrates when you are building mass. If you do not, then your body does not have what it takes to get the best results. You also need proteins, healthy fats and a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Eat More

That is 2 strikes already against the regular diet. The reason why you should be eating more is because you need more nutrients when you are working out. The good thing is that you have already switched to foods for muscle so you will be eating more, but you will also be eating healthier. You should get your proteins from meats like chicken breast which is lean and full of proteins. Although you will be eating more you should not over-do it. Your muscles will get bigger, so eat more, but no more than enough.

Protein Shakes

There is a reason why you see protein shakes in the gym and in health food stores; they are a great source of proteins. As stated before you need proteins to get bigger, and for mass building. Protein shakes are packed with (you guessed it) proteins so that is a great mass gainer for your body. The excess in proteins will give you a boost of energy that you can use when you are working out. Pretty soon you will see your muscle mass increase to levels you only dreamt of.

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