5 Things Everyone At Age 50 Should Have

doctorHitting 50 is a big milestone in your life for more than one reason. One very important reason is that at 50, you are reaching the age that doctors recommend specific tests be done to stay on top of your health. No matter if you are a man or woman, you should have these tests to help you and your doctor know if everything is working well, and as it should be. These tests will give your doctor a better insight to how healthy you really are.

The most common tests that men need at the age of 50 are:

— PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) – Your PSA gives your doctor an insight into how your prostate is working. If your PSA is elevated, your doctor may want to repeat your test or have you go for further testing. Learn more bout prostate cancer and getting tested at: www.pcf.org.
— Physical Exam – Men should have a physical exam so that a doctor can check your heart, lungs, prostate, among other things.
— Thyroid test – Having your thyroid checked at age 50 lets your doctor know if you are having a thyroid deficiency or any other problem with your thyroid.
— Flexible Sigmoidoscopy – A flexible sigmoidoscopy is a scope that allows your physician to look at your colon for signs of cancer.
— Cholesterol Check – Getting regular cholesterol checks is important, especially once you reach age 50. High cholesterol levels can be an indication that a heart attack is looming.

Women need certain tests as well, to make sure they are staying healthy at age 50. The tests recommended for women aged 50, are:

— Pap Smear – Paps at 50 are important to detect cervical cancer or other abnormalities. Even if you have hit menopause, it is still recommended.
— Mammograms – The older you get, the more important it is to get regular mammograms. This will detect any sign of breast cancer.
— Bone density tests – Many times, women don’t need to start getting bone density tests until they reach age 65. However; if osteoporosis runs in the family, it may be recommended you start having annual tests at age 50.
— Flexible sigmoidoscopy – This test lets a physician look into your sigmoid colon to look for any unusual sights that may be an indication of cancer.
— Skin Exam – Anyone can develop skin cancer, but because women tend to love to layout more than men, especially in their younger years, it can catch up to them and become cancerous. It is wise to get get yearly skin exams as you age.

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