A Beginners Guide to Having Your Blood Tested Online

Today, more than ever, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing. Even for those lucky enough to afford health insurance find the co-pays too expensive. Most people know if they have certain health issues like diabetes or if they are at high risk for other illnesses and diseases. Health Testing Centers is the perfect solution for individuals wanting a confidential blood test and results.

For anyone new to the services of Health Testing Centers, it is very easy and simple to get started. If you do choose to visit your doctor first and receive a lab order for blood work, simply call Health Testing Centers or you can order online at your convenience. You will receive a confirmation email from the lab. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a requisition form via your email. Find the nearest Health Testing Centers near you, take your requisition form with you, and visit the lab for a work-up. Although no appointment is needed, some locations will accept them. You will receive your results usually within one to two days, depending on the tests, by email.

For consumers wishing to have lab work completed without visiting their doctor first, Health Testing Centers have a network doctor who will provide a prescription for the blood tests that are requested.

Patient can choose to have a CBC+CMP, which will test the blood for general health, while screening for various disorders like anemia or an infection in the body. The CMP is a comprehensive metabolic panel designed to check the functions of the kidneys, liver, electrolytes, total cholesterol and more.

If the patient thinks they may have been exposed to HIV or an STD, the confidential testing at Health Testing Centers is the perfect place to have the blood work performed.

Nurses are on duty at all times to help individuals who may ask what lab tests should I order? They are also available when the patient receives their results and may not know how to read them.

If the person finds that the blood tests warrant a visit to their doctor after receiving their results, they can take the already completed blood work report with them to save time and money. If the results come back negative on your report, you can also save money by skipping the doctor visit.

No matter which test you would like, Health Testing Centers can also help you as an anonymous client if you so desire. Call or email them today.

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Lynn is a Registered Nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When she is not working she enjoys skiing and being outdoors with her family.

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