Alcohol Rehab for Teens

Alcohol Rehab for TeensOne of the main catalysts for teenage drinking is because American culture glorifies it. There are many opportunities for young people to come into contact with alcohol. Peer pressure also plays its part. Even though it hurts to acknowledge that your teen is abusing alcohol, you should not be embarrassed to seek for help. On the other hand, your teenage child may try and hide it from you making it even worse. The following signs will help you deduce whether your teen has been abusing alcohol or not:

  • Changes in personality: A previously outgoing and happy teen suddenly changes and becomes withdrawn.

  • Discipline issues at school: If your child is in high school, you start receiving complaints from teachers. The child skips classes, does not concentrate and even fails to do assignments. Their academic grades also start declining.

  • Shift in friendship: Your teen suddenly joins a new group of friends who influence him to drink. Sooner or later, you notice that he is not hanging out with his old pals.

  • Negative attitude: You were used to an obedient young man but now he seems not to care. He no longer listens to you and will even get rude when spoken to.

Binge drinking as a trigger to alcohol addiction

Teenagers get into alcohol addiction through binge drinking. It all starts with those weekend parties they attend. Once in a while, they would ask for permission to attend a birthday party and get back home in time as promised. However, lately you notice that he no longer asks and never comes home until the next day. This should serve as a red flag. Often, they engage in binge drinking leading to them blacking out. Binge drinking also leads to alcohol poisoning, irresponsible sexual behavior or driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is here that teens are introduced to other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Why would an adolescent abuse alcohol?

There are teens that go through high school without having tasted beer. Others do so only once and that is during prom night. Unfortunately, another group will experiment and eventually graduate to regular abuse of alcohol. The following factors contribute to this behavior:

  • Family background

  • Peer group influence

  • Overly restrictive or permissive parents

  • Low self esteem

  • Lack of parental guidance on teen related issues

Teen rehab

When faced with the sad reality of alcoholism in a teenage child, you should move with speed and tackle the problem. Talk your child into going for rehab. Apart from detoxifying the body, your teen will also undergo counseling. Attend family sessions together and let him go for individual counseling sessions. Palm Beach Institute Adolescent Alcohol Treatment program can be a source of help for your troubled teen.

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