An Open Letter to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and Canadian Members of Parliament

From Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder & President, Best Cure Foundation and TeamBest Companies

November 11, 2015

Subject: The Dawn of a Truly Transformational World Leader from Canada


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in USA in honour of fallen and wounded soldiers. All of us sincerely appreciate their sacrifices and we want to wish their families the very best on this day of remembrance.


Last week on November 4th, 2015, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament and the Leader of the Liberal Party, was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Canada. He was joined by his mother Margaret Trudeau, wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, his son, and two daughters. It was an awe-inspiring event in the history of Canada and mankind to see the son of former Prime Minister, the late Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau, take the oath of office as Prime Minister of Canada in the dawn of a new era for Canada and the world.


I believe Mr. Trudeau will truly be a transformational world leader and he is already rated as one of the world’s most influential leaders. He has kept his promise (unlike many elected officials and leaders) of creating a diverse 30 member cabinet with 15 women and 15 men of distinction and seeking ethnic diversity with a First Nations female attorney as the Justice Minister of Canada, four Indo-Canadians for Defense, Economic Development, Innovation and Science, Small business and Tourism, and lastly for Infrastructure Development of Canada. This is the first time in the history of any free and democratic government, in any part of the world, that a transformational selection of Cabinet Ministers or Secretaries has been made by a leader. What a positive change and what a great day to celebrate gender parity and ethnic diversity! We should choose November 4th of every year as the day to celebrate gender parity and ethnic diversity.  

I would like to invite all of you, as influential members of this new government, to join my initiatives to reshape the future of healthcare and education in Canada and around the world:


  1. Best Cure Foundation, our non profit organization, in promoting our division 3E (Triple E) Education, Empowerment and Equality to promote everyone regardless of Ethnicity and Gender, by treating all as equals.  Education is the most effective way to eliminate poverty and promote global understanding and peace.


  1. The Global War on Cancer, which strives to establish a Hub-and-Spoke model of healthcare delivery systems to overcome shortcomings and make quality healthcare affordable and accessible. Everyone deserves the best healthcare. I am honoured to state that I have been invited by Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA to be the keynote speaker at their Global Health Catalyst Cancer Summit, April 29-30, 2016, which is the first anniversary of my initiative of launching a Global War on Cancer, started on April 29, 2015.


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