Bathroom Sanitation: Keeping Your Bathroom Germ Free

With the help of a trusted Dallas Plumber you can keep your bathroom germ and spot free. Naturally this should be one of the tidiest rooms in the house, so here are some tips for cleaning the place you wash yourself.

Clean Your Shower

Your shower should be spotless because it is where you want to become spotless every day. Yet many peoples’ tubs are either covered in grime or are even growing mildew. You should ideally clean your shower out every week to keep from getting a ring around the drain or dirt caked on the porcelain. There are many great cleaners to use, but you can even use a homemade concoction. Just make sure that you scrub it every time to prevent scum from climbing up and taking over. Sometimes you cannot even see the grime, but if you don’t clean it up now, it can be a lot harder to do later on. Some cleaners go deeper to fight muck, like the blue bubbling foam. Always use a rag and just see which one works for you.

Watch Out For Mold

Mold can creep up on you if you do not check for it every once in a while. If you have had any kind of leak in the house, make sure that you have a mold inspector come out to check for residual problems. You might have rusting or mildew growing where you cannot see it-in walls, under the flooring, or elsewhere. Do a full inspection after a serious leak. And when the toilet floods there is a possibility of mold fining its way underneath your tile. Mold can be harmful to children and it can cause any number of symptoms, including respiratory problems, if it goes unchecked. Plus, it is simply gross. Don’t let it take over your grout or tile. Get it out right when you notice yellowing on the wall or a musty smell that does not go away. These are signs of a breakout that you need to fix.

Plunging And Cleaning The Toilet

The toilet can become nasty if left untouched with a rag and a cleaning tool. You should clean each toilet in your house at least once a week, if not more often. With so many things on your plate, time can get away from you. Sometimes household chores are the first things to go when there is too much to do. But if you don’t keep the toilet in check, you are asking for smells you never imagined. If you have a flushing problem or a weak flush, get help from a plumber. Clean the outside and inside, as well. These are simple tips for keeping your bathroom clean and sanitized.

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