Benefits Of A Face Peel

face peel Facial peels are a great option for those who have damaged skin and would like to restore a more rejuvenated appearance. In general, a chemical peel removes damaged skin layers and completely removes the first outer layer of skin, allowing healthy skin to grow and heal back in its place. In general, the results that one will obtain from a chemical peel depends on the concentration of the substance as well as on the severity of the skin when assessed by a physician. There are other peel options such as Nardos Natural as well.

Overall, there are different types of peel, ranging from a superficial peel to a deep facial peel. These vary in the concentration of substance applied to the skin which can range from removing the first outer layer to completely removing the epidermis as well as the two outer layers of the dermis.

Let’s first start with the superficial peel. This is oftentimes referred to as the lunch time facial peel because of the fact that it has no downtime and can literally be done on your break from work. It works by removing only the top outer layer of the skin and most individuals experience minimal redness and discomfort.

The next peel is referred to as the medium facial peel. This substance will affect both the epidermis and the upper level of the dermis, which is the layer after the outer layer of skin seen by the naked eye. This peel is going to go deeper and take off more layers than the superficial peel and will require some downtime from work to recover. This skin is generally utilized in treating fine to moderate wrinkles, scarring, crow’s feet around the eyes, as well as unwanted pigmentation.

The last and most concentrated peel is called the deep facial peel. The substance used in the strongest of chemical peels is referred to as phenol. This particular peel is going to need an extended amount of time to recover in that multiple layers of the skin will be removed. The deep facial peel does carry with it more pain as well as a greater risk of complications. This type of treatment will help in treating deep wrinkles, significant and deep scarring, as well as severe sun damage to the skin.

All in all, there are a variety of different face peels including natural methods such as the Nardos Natural peel. If you are not satisfied with the possible side effects and downtime associated with facial peels you may want to consider a more natural option.

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