Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of BuildMyBod Announces New Healthcare Podcast

San Francisco, CA (8/27/15) – Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and founder of, – the online marketplace for healthcare services and price transparency, launches brand new Healthcare Podcast.

Patients of the information age want a transparent relationship with their doctor. They want to feel connected. As a result, it is becoming more common for patients to befriend their doctors on Facebook, or to have their doctor’s cell phone number saved in their contacts. 

The BuildMyBod Health Podcast is designed to bridge that knowledge gap between patient and healthcare provider by taking on issues important to patients, providers, executive and political leadership. When interviewed, Kaplan, an advocate of transparency in healthcare said, “I started the podcast to humanize doctors, patients and the healthcare system at large so everyone can walk in each other’s shoes, leading to a better understanding amongst our community.” 

Kaplan, a cosmetic surgeon by day, radio personality by night, has formed an impressive professional network of practitioners and game changers in the healthcare industry throughout his career and the BuildMyBod network of providers. 

As a result, the episode line-up is one to be noted. From Dr. Monica Bonakdar of the Bonakdar Institute in Orange County, patients recovering from heart transplants to CFO’s of major hospitals and physician members of congress, the BuildMyBod Health podcast will promote our similarities rather than our differences. The podcast can be found in the iTunes store by searching ‘BuildMyBod Health’ and show notes are available at offers consumers a database of healthcare pricing for out-of-pocket procedures and services from a network of approximately 150 providers in the U.S. and Australia. BuildMyBod continues to make a footprint in the healthcare space with the release of its health podcast.


For more information contact:

Kelsey Rypl
Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: 415-871-0322



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