Body Cleanse 101

So many people wonder if cleanses are safe and if they work. You hear horror stories of people only getting to drink water and small amounts of juice and only a handful of food a day. There are some cleanses like that but then there are cleanses that have you cut out certain things but don’t limit you on eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains. It is true you can use body cleansing to help you lose weight, regain lost health or even get more energy but make sure to do it safely.

First make sure you find a cleanse that is credible. Look for a cleanse that has been done by others. One of the most popular is the master cleanse diet. The diet was created by Stanley Burroughs as a  juice fast that permits no food, and instead  substitutes a lemonade mixture made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.The cleanse really is a detoxification and fasting program, which definitely helps with weight loss but also helps rest the digestive system and help get it in its natural balance.

The diet starts by the person eating mostly only fruits and vegetables for 3 days along with small amounts of light foods like soups and salads. After the three days the master cleanse diet lasts about 10 days and you are only allowed to drink is the special lemonade liquid drink (which has enough nutrients to sustain you for the cleanse).

Once you are done with a cleanse you won’t want start eating certain foods right away. Slowly introduce foods back into your body with fruits and vegetables and small amounts of other whole foods. One thing that will really help keep you healthy and your body running efficiently and naturally is to avoid processed foods. Buy organic foods that are free from pesticides, whole grain foods, and meat that is raised without added hormones. If you love beef start spending the extra money and buy grass fed beef from a local farmer. Buy free range chicken. I know it feels like you are spending a lot on healthy food but it will be worth it in the long run. Think about it you spend 5-7 dollars at a fast food restaurant which isn’t any more than you could for a very nutritious meal with left overs if cooked at home.

Another popular thing to do along with a cleanse is to have  body work done from a massage therapist. They can help also release toxins from your body and loosen up sore muscles. You can also visit a sauna. The sweat from your body sitting in the sauna also helps release harmful toxins.

Your body will thank you for letting it rest for 10 days and letting it heal itself.


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