BuildMyBod Health Launches Pricing Assistant for Medical Providers

San Francisco, CA, September 27, 2016 – BuildMyBod Health, the online marketplace for healthcare services, launches Pricing Assistant for medical providers.

BuildMyBod Health takes pride in offering consumers real-time doctor-provided price estimates. No claims data or nebulous ranges are used. Just as consumers rely on the BuildMyBod marketplace to price services/procedures ranging from facelifts and tummy tucks, to CT scans and hernia repairs, doctors can now trust in the BuildMyBod database to provide them with real-time feedback regarding their fee schedules.

The platform was originally created as a destination for consumers to access automated quotes for specific procedures from specific doctors. The consumer was happy because they were provided with pricing information and the doctor was happy because he or she was provided with a patient lead. In the process of building a doctor-provided pricing database, BuildMyBod CEO/Founder, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, realized he could offer another benefit to participating physicians.

Now, when doctors upload their procedures and pricing information to the BuildMyBod database, they are presented with real-time US, regional, state, and local averages for those procedures. In essence, they are reaping the benefits of big data! The pricing assistant tabulates procedural averages from the database and provides this information to the doctor after they enter their own pricing information. This level of data sharing and price transparency has never been made available to doctors until now.

Kaplan says, “By applying free market forces to healthcare, we can bring healthcare services and prices in line with consumers’ budgets.” With BuildMyBod Health, price transparency is not only beneficial to patients, but all healthcare providers and facilities.


About BuildMyBod Health:

BuildMyBod Health continues to leave its mark in the healthcare space by making price transparency in healthcare easily accessible through advances in information technology. With approximately 250 providers in the network, consumers can both check pricing and purchase procedures and services straight from, the doctor’s website, or the BuildMyBod iPhone/iPad app. The price estimates are doctor-specific, provided by the doctors themselves, and include pricing for medically necessary services paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or for cosmetic services not covered by insurance. Visit the website to learn more. BuildMyBod Health also produces a podcast that showcases the latest insights from across the healthcare spectrum.

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