Diem Browns Legacy, MedGift, One Year Later

MedGift: One Year Later

Company reveals current standing, future expansion plans and the introduction of MedGift Voice™ surrounding the Anniversary of co-founder Diem Brown’s passing

Atlanta, GA. (December, 4, 2015) MedGift LLC, a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA, today announced it has launched MedGift Voice™, the second phase of its healthcare advocacy platform. MedGift Voice™ will deliver on-going commentary on the issues challenging healthcare consumers while offering a forum to share experiences navigating the obstacles they encounter every day. The initial phase, MedGift Help™, provides a comprehensive set of web based utilities to advocate for the specific financial, emotional and physical needs of individuals dealing with health related hardships. 

Originally conceived by the late Diem Brown, who passed away in November, 2014, MedGift co-founders have continued leading the company on the path she had envisioned. The three phase launch includes MedGift Help™, its individual advocacy web site, which was piloted earlier in 2015, MedGift Voice™, launched today, and MedGift Cause™, a platform supporting non-profit healthcare related organization advocacy, is slated to be released early in 2016 . “Diem was always passionate about helping others” said her sister Megan Brown. “She understood their challenges and was committed to finding ways to get them the support they needed. Her family and her many close friends are proud to see her legacy is still being defined in a positive and impactful way” she added.


“We engaged over 20,000 users during the MedGift Help™ pilot” said co-founder Jim Bodenbender. “We found most people are uncomfortable asking others for help. By providing a simple way to ask for the help they needed, then sharing their needs with family and friends, they quickly engaged a support community. Rather than receiving cards and flowers they received the help they needed most ”. “Diem was, and still is, the inspiration for everything we are doing to create a platform for healthcare advocacy. The struggle by those undergoing medical hardships, their care givers and their families is a silent crisis impacting many, our goal is to provide a platform to advocate for their needs.”


MedGift, LLC is a privately held company providing a web based platform for health care advocacy on behalf of individuals, charitable organizations and the healthcare industry.

Jim Bodenbender


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