Difference Between E Cigarettes And Normal Cigarettes

The differences between an e cigarette and a normal cigarette are pretty striking and include the lack of fire, water vapor over smoke and cost.

More house fire related fatalities are caused by people smoking when they fall asleep than any other cause.  This risk of death by immolation should frighten anyone that smokes, especially if they need that cigarette before bed.  With an e cigarette, there is no lighting with matches or a lighter and there is no ember burning.  The smoker inhales water vapor that tastes like a cigarette and contains nicotine.

E cigarettes allow smokers to have the smoke flavor, taste and look without endangering anyone else’s health through second hand smoke.  The water vapor that is created with an e cigarette looks somewhat like smoke though on close inspection, it is clear that it is not – mostly because the vapor is released only when the e smoker inhales.  There is no continuous stream of smoke flying into the air.  Because the water vapor is very quickly dissipated in to the air, there are no harmful chemicals for other to breathe and there is no smoke smell.

Smoking is banned in many places, and the surgeon general has determined that no amount of cigarette smoke is safe for any individual to breathe.  When a cigarette is burning the smoke contains over 4000 chemicals – many of those chemicals are carcinogens, meaning that they are cancer causing agents.  E cigarettes deal only with water vapor and nicotine, and while nicotine is still hazardous to the health, only the person doing the smoking of the e cigarette is affected.  That means that the person can use an e cigarette in places where conventional smoking is banned.

Because of the tremendous health effects of traditional cigarettes that include not only the smoker but those around him or her when he or she is smoking who are affected by secondhand smoke and those around the smoker who are affected by the residue of the smoke that the smoker carries with him or her (known as third hand smoke), cigarettes are getting more expensive as government finds them an easy target to raise taxes on without a lot of uproar.  E cigarettes are about half the cost of a normal cigarette.

E cigarettes are a viable alternative to normal smoking.  Because of their nonintrusive disposition and their air of sophistication, they may even be a better status symbol than the stinky cancer sticks that smokers generally have their lips wrapped around.  By using an e cigarette, not only is the cigarette smoker protecting those around him or her, he or she is also protecting the environment and his or her pocketbook.  In this economy, it may be the last part that is most important.

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