Popular cycling embrocation is hotter and easier to apply in cold weather

Eagle, ID December 17, 2015—Doc’s Skin Care for Athletes announced today that its best-selling Doc’s Natural Cool Weather Embrocation™ now works even better to help cyclists stay comfortable in cold and wet weather. Doc’s has created a new formula that provides more heat and is easier to apply, said Doc’s founder Joshua Barton, M.D., the athlete-physician who created the embrocation.

“Our original cycling embrocation was pretty good but not perfect so we pulled it from shelves over 2 years ago,” said Barton.  “It literally took us 2 years to get the formula exactly the way we want it.  We now feel confident that we’ve created the perfect cycling embrocation.”

“The new formula gives riders the right amount of heat and still creates a nice barrier against the elements,” Barton said.  “The old formula was a thick wax-like paste that could be hard to apply in cold weather.  Our new embrocation is more of a liquid or oil and can be applied in any temperature.”

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About Doc’s Skin Care for Athletes

Doc’s Skin Care for Athletes was founded in 2010 by Barton, a physician, competitive cyclist and all-around endurance sportsman. The company develops and sells natural products for athletes that cover the head-to-toe skincare needs of athletes.

The company’s natural personal care products include its best-selling Doc’s Natural Chamois Cream™ plus Doc’s Natural Saddle Sore Ointment™, Doc’s Natural Chafe Stick™, Doc’s Natural Sunscreen™, Doc’s Natural Muscle Balm™, Doc’s Natural Shower Gel™, Doc’s Natural Cool Weather Embrocation™and Doc’s Natural Swim Shampoo™.

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