Don’t Settle for the Closest Hospital, Find the Best

An individual’s health is so very important for their overall well-being. We tend to function our very best when we are healthy and strong. Therefore, it is important to keep up with our health and make sure we are living well in order to facilitate good health. Part of taking care of our health, is choosing good medical providers to utilize when needed. When choosing a hospital it is vital to not settle for the closest hospital but to take the time to find the best. Nothing in life is worth doing unless we do it well. Don’t settle for close proximity when you could travel a little and find a well-known and specialized hospital that can make your surgery or treatment more effective. Denver hospitals are well renowned for their top notch medical treatment.

A leading hospital found in Denver, Colorado is Porter Adventist Hospital. The hospital was built by Henry Porter in 1930 and it began a healthcare revolution that the city of Denver had never before seen. Today it is still top notch. Over 1,200 employees run the hospital and strive to create an unparalleled regional medical center providing complex medicine within a spiritually healing environment. Porter Adventist Hospital is part of Colorado’s largest healthcare system called Centura Health. The entire system is composed of 12 hospitals, eight senior living facilities and Centura Health at Home.

The mission of Porter Adventist Hospital states, “we extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities”. Some mission statements seem nice but aren’t really adopted by the company. This is not true to Porter Adventist Hospital. Their mission statement really matters to them, and since it does, it makes a difference to their patients. Since the mission statement is internalized, it affects the quality of service and treatment you receive as a patient at their hospital. The hospital is non-profit so all resources go towards implementing their mission statement of caring for the health of their patients. Not only are the employees at Porter Adventist Hospital highly skilled in their trade, they also bring with them kind hearts, loving hands and innovative thinking. Their goal is to give the best science has to offer and spirit has to offer in healing illnesses of people in their communities.

So when you get the unfortunate news that you need to receive surgery or medical treatment provided by a hospital for a serious medical condition, don’t just resort to the closest hospital to you. Take the time to research out top ranked hospitals for the disease or surgery you are dealing with and make the effort to go there. Your health is vital, so don’t just settle on any hospital make it the best.

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