Dr. Erhard First Physician in Minnesota to Offer New Treatment that Revitalizes Sex for Menopausal Women

New Technology that Revitalizes a Woman’s Sex Life After Menopause & Breast Cancer Arrives in Minnesota: Dr. Lisa Erhard First Minn. Physician to Offer MonaLisa Touch®

WAYZATA, Minn. – A radical new treatment that treats vaginal atrophy is now available in Minnesota without the use of hormones or surgery, and with no side effects or downtime. Dr. Lisa Ohman Erhard, a board-certified gynecologist and founder of Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, is the first physician in Minnesota certified to offer MonaLisa Touch®.

This innovative new laser treatment targets vaginal tissue to revitalize cells – resulting in improved moisture, elasticity, increased blood flow, and stimulation of growth factors that regenerate important nerves improving sensation and arousability.

Vaginal atrophy is a common menopausal symptom that virtually every woman experiences at sometime in her life. It’s also a frequent side effect of certain types of chemo and radiation cancer therapies that many survivors seldom discuss.

Popular in Europe for some time, the MonaLisa Touch® treatment received FDA approval in 2014. It is an in-office procedure free of side effects and is performed without the need for anesthesia. Patients undergo three treatments six weeks apart, and each treatment time is less than five minutes. Studies have shown patients see significant improvement after the first treatment.

In addition to successfully treating vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, this procedure also quickly and effectively addresses other symptoms including: itching and burning, laxity, painful urination, stress urinary incontinence, and loss of vaginal sensation.

“Patients are calling this new treatment life-changing,” states Dr. Erhard. “In some cases women experiencing symptoms avoid sex altogether due to the pain,” explains Dr. Erhard. “That loss of intimacy can be devastating to their relationship with their spouse. The women blame themselves, and it can spiral into a variety of emotional issues for the couple.

For more information on this treatment, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erhard, please call 952.473.6642.

Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, based in Wayzata, Minn., was created in 2014 by Dr. Lisa Erhard and her husband, Dr. Mark Erhard, a board-certified cardiologist. Having practiced as an obstetrician/gynecologist for more than 22 years, Dr. Lisa realized that there was a gap in serving the needs of women somewhere between childbirth and senior care. “No one was focusing on the concerns of these women,” notes Dr. Erhard. “No one was making their needs a priority.” It was based on that premise that Dr. Lisa began transforming her practice and ultimately expanded and renamed it in 2014.

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