Dutch Startup Part-up Lands €650,000 Euro Investment

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Online team marketplace platform Part-up fuels investment through their advancements in swarm based teamwork and innovative design.

The Hague, The Netherlands: June 21, 2016

Dutch startup Part-up, a swarm modelled online marketplace for teamwork, has raised  over 650,000 Euros in investment.

Like Part-up itself this fundraising was done in an innovative way: Twelve investors are who are not just shareholders in BV but also key members of the newly founded Part-up Cooperative UA. Part-up’s roadmap enables team members and users in the future to become co-owners of Part-up  through this cooperative.

Innovative Financing Round Aligns with Part-up’s Vision

“The unique way we shaped this round of financing, and the foundations of our business structure as a Startup, fits with our  corporate Vision,” said Laurens Waling (Co-Founder of Part-up). “We see an accelerating transition happening in the world of traditional, top-down organized enterprises: To not only survive but thrive in this business era they are becoming decentralized organizations which are inherently more agile and effective. This transition aligns with shared ownership and a wholly different approach to work: One in which Talent is the deciding factor.”

Display based on knowledge and skills

Part-up’s online platform contributes to this global transition by enabling workers to ‘liberate’ themselves from ‘jobs’ and instead participate in teams aligned with their intrinsic motivations and talents. Organizations are now empowered with access through our platform to an inexhaustible source of motivated talent.

Aligned Formation of Teams

Businesses can freely operate within the Part-up Talent Environment: Forming teams aligned with their business goals with people from both within and without their Organization. This results in teams and individuals being able to work faster and smarter in an environment built on results-focused projects.

“This structure ensures projects not only have a short lead time. It creates an environment where employees are encouraged to work, not through heirarchical assignment, but instead driven by personal motivation. Employees working on projects that align with their talents and intrinsic motivations results in a company that not only innovates faster but organically realigns the organization into a more Agile structure “ Laurens Waling

The “WhatsApp’ for Projects

This investment fuels the further development of Part-up’s Swarm Based Organizational Platform technology with an eye towards international deployment. The next version of our proprietary matching algorithm (which connects people to aligned and appropriate teams) is close to release. This will be included in our soon to be released Part-up App on Android and iOS. This App will act much like a ‘WhatsApp’ for Projects in the construction and workload for teams and is a critical step in our Vision to bringing everyone and anyone access to work.

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About Part-up

Online Platform

Co-Founded by Laurens Waling, Erik Soonieus and Ralph Boeije, Part-up is not just a revolutionary online marketplace for teams but acts as a beacon for swarm based organizational transformation. Companies and organizations on this platform can intelligently build temporary results-focused teams (part-ups) fluidly composed of their employees and/or external parties as needed. Everyone can showcase their talents and drive to participating institutions. Because  part-ups are composed of motivated team members with the right talents organizations, at any time for any need, can establish effective and productive projects with full oversight and control.

‘Social Enterprise’

Part-up’s Vision is to the shape the future of work: A Vision wherein Part-up itself must act as a Social Enterprise. While we are a company with a profit objective we strive at the same time to remake the world into a better one. We share ownership, have Open Sourced our software and reinvest profit into the Community. Over 50 paying customers across a diverse set of sectors work with Part-up BV. including 30 health care facilities, PGGM and five municipalities. This includes the City of Amsterdam who is currently engaged in a test run with over two hundred trainees incorporated within Part-Up. Revenue for 2015 was just over €250,000.

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