Eating: Nuts?


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Something that has been thrown out in health magazines as of late is that you should eat more nuts. They tell you that you need peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and every other kind of nut in your life because it is good for you. This is true in many respects but in order for you to remember, you need to know why.


These little super-foods do just about every good thing for your body. They help you to prevent cancer, lose weight, lower cholesterol, and increase your cardiovascular health. Just by eating a serving size a day you can increase the functions of all of your bodily systems. You might also hear that nuts contain fat. While this is true, what you do not hear is that the fat in nuts is the good kind. If you did not intake any fat then you would not be able to have well maintained joints and such.


Even though they may be small, they are packed with protein and can keep you going during the day. If you are having trouble focusing, then grab a handful of almonds and chow down. That helps your mind stay alert. If you do not like the texture of the nuts, then you can do something called “soaking” them. This means that you stick them in a bowl of water overnight and then by morning they are plump. When they are full of water, they have a texture similar to that of coconuts and are more filling and your body can process them easier.


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