EFFi Foods® Expands Distribution To LA Whole Foods Market And Brings Healthy Snacks To The Heart Of Health-Conscious Community


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EFFi Foods, Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2015) — EFFi Foods®, one of the first companies to bring dairy-free probiotics into healthy snack bars, expands its distribution to Whole Foods Market in the greater Los Angeles area. Three SKU’s of Probiotic CareBar® are already available on the shelves at the following six locations: 3rd/Fairfax, West LA, Glendale, Pasadena and Sherman Oaks (Sepulveda/405 Freeway and Riverside/Coldwater Cyn).

EFFi Foods® started in 2012, working with the best dietitians in the field and wellness experts from Cleveland Clinic on a mission to create their first organic snack line.

“EFFi’s Probiotic CareBar® is a source of nourishing, intact carbohydrates with probiotics to support digestion, health and wellness. Foods like these, rich in protein and fiber, satisfy the appetite and nourish the body”, said Roxanne B. Sukol, Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Enterprise.

“With the help of the community, social media and word-of-mouth, we are currently on the shelves of around one hundred stores. Without spending virtually any marketing dollars we wanted to let the company grow organically and get a direct response,” explains Carina Ayden, founder of Eco-Friendly Foods Initiative®  [EFFi Foods®]. “It’s only been a few weeks since we introduced our first organic snack product Probiotic CareBar® to the Whole Foods family but we have already seen significant repeat purchases by health-conscious consumers who appreciate the ‘extra mile’ we took in nutrition and sustainability approaches. Probiotics have over one hundred health benefits, and enjoying them on-the-go in a non-dairy form is the main benefit that people love about Probiotic CareBars®.”

About Probiotic CareBar®
Probiotic CareBar® is a healthy organic nutrition bar, loaded with powerful antioxidants and enriched with non-dairy and soy-free probiotics supporting digestion and immunity. Probiotic CareBar® is certified USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan and Go!Healthy by Cleveland Clinic. It also caters to customers with different food sensitivities such as lactose, soy or gluten intolerance. It’s not one-dimensional, focusing only on protein or energy and adding empty calories and unnecessary sugars. Instead, it’s a synergy of all organic and non-GMO ingredients (locally sourced or through fair trade practices) in order to create nutritional balance. 

About EFFi Foods® 
EFFi Foods® is a company for producing organic and plant-based foods with its main focus on delivering nutritionally unprecedented snacking options with multiple health benefits. Great taste and sustainable approach are of the utmost importance. EFFi Foods’ vision is to lift up food standards to wear clean is the rule not the exception.

For more information about the company please visit: effifoods.com



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