has a New Corporate Business Name; Exclsuive Surgeries Solutions, LLC.



Oct 12, 2016

Contact Information:
John G. Worman, Communications Dir.
480 798 8665 (cell)

PHOENIX, AZ – Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC. ( creates their organization of “vetted” surgeons and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) around the needs and lives of their clients, providing patients the choice to select from quality surgeons and the safest environments. They provide concierge patient coordination from obtaining the imaging (if required), initial consult, and scheduling the surgery to post-operative follow-up and physical therapy.   Esurgeries also reduces the workload on case managers, partnering with each clients’ employee as they individually guide them, step by step, through the complicated surgical process. Esurgeries’ focus is on the outcome of the patient, this is the most important aspect of their service, returning patients to work.

After attending the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) conference in Austin, TX at the end of September, Suzanne Webb, CEO noted “using the word ‘network’ in the corporate name was misleading, we are much more than just a network. We are your complete surgical solution.” In addition, Suzanne noted, “the patient is changing the healthcare industry. They seek price transparency and cost savings.” Esurgeries offers value-based, all-inclusive pricing which reflects a cost savings over hospitals of approximately 50%. Savings can be higher when factoring in overnight hospital stays. In addition, infection rates are much higher in hospitals which can lead to an increase in the length of stay or cause for re-admissions.

The new corporate name better reflects the comprehensive business approach of Exclusive Surgeries Solutions to assisting self-insured and third party administrator clients to navigate the complex surgical process.

Need surgery? — Think Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, LLC. (ESURGERIES.COM)


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