Excess Sweating at the Gym? Here are Some Tips

While you want to sweat when you exercise to know that your heart rate is up and you are burning off calories, excessive armpit sweating can be embarrassing. Sweating too much at the gym not only causes embarrassment but it can cause some people to deal with the annoying side effect of being asked to help wash the equipment every time they use it because they are sweating too much.  The frustrating thing is that no matter what you do, you may find that your body is still going to sweat and cause you some annoyance. Even though there isn’t a permanent solution, there are some things you can do in order to make your trips to the gym less embarrassing:

  1. Sweat bands. These products exist for a reason, to capture sweat! Wear one on your head to help stop sweat from running down your face. You can also wear them on your wrists to wipe sweat off your face here as well.
  2. T-shirts. Certain shirts are made to help the body breathe easier. Dri-fit shirts are commonly used by athletes as they do work well in capturing sweat and pulling it from the body. Purchase a set of exercise clothing in this style to see how it can help to limit how much sweating is going on.
  3. Use the fans. Gyms do have some nice heavy-duty fans that you can stand by to cool off. When you notice you are really sweating and it is uncomfortable, head over and stand in front of one for a minute. This can help you to dry off some of the sweat before you go back over and exercise again.
  4. Drink water and avoid caffeine. Did you know that caffeine and spicy foods can cause you to sweat more? Stick to the good old clean water instead to help you from sweating too much. Plus it’s better for your body as it helps to flush out toxins and makes the body feel better.
  5. Antiperspirant. Use this stuff before you do your workout. Adding a second layer right before can help the body to keep some of the sweat in check and it reduces the chance that you will smell. Use the spray and be sure to get the areas that are pretty sweaty as well like your groin area, back, legs, arms, etc. The antiperspirant can really help to limit too much sweat from getting out.

If you still find your sweating problem is out of control, it might be time to talk to your doctor. They can offer you some remedies like medication or Botox to see if that can help to limit how much sweating is going on.

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