[NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2015] – First of it’s kind, National LGBTQ matchmaking and relationship advising company D8able LLC has officially launched in the New York City and Washington D.C. markets. The company offers a match making service for the LGBTQ community that’s simply matchless. Clients are matched based on a behavioral assessment profile done by professionally trained psychological profilers and the alignment of 19 relationship elements.

D8able LLC LGBTQ Matchmaking and Relationship Advising promotional video

D8able LLC is designed to teach the LGBTQ community how to be dateable by completing a behavioral profile assessment before they attempt to include a partner in their lives. “We educate on self and how it is the foundation to any relationship, but there are steps to landing the ideal person and maintaining a healthy relationship.” says co-founder Tye Farley, “the beginning of those steps start with the individuals.” “Many of our clients have tried LGBT dating apps and have been unsuccessful. As a result, they have become disenchanted with the dating process and are looking for our team of seasoned professionals to aid them in finding their potential life partners” says co-founder Tosin Adesanya. D8able LLC ultimate goal is to link individuals of the LGBTQ community to other like-minded individuals who are seeking meaningful relationships that lead to lifelong commitment.

Additional services include:
            1. Relationship Counseling
            2. Individual Counseling
            3. Group Counseling Sessions with Singles and Couples
            4. Behavioral Profiles
            5. Dating and Relationship Workshops

The founders personal aim is to educate on health and political topics that affect the LGBTQ directly. The company has already joined several cause related organizations such as the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and does monthly dating and relationship workshops and panel discussions on a variety of relationship and health related topics.

About D8able LLC
D8able LLC is a national LGBTQ matchmaking and relationship advising company based in New York. The mission of D8able is to provide service to LGBTQ clients in search of love/companionship. In addition, they serve as an educational resource providing information on relationship, health, governmental affairs that affect the LGBTQ community. D8able LLC is designed to educate the LGBTQ community on the dating process and how to maintain a successful relationship. For more information about the services and programs, visit and follow on Instagram @D8able_llc.



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