Fixing Crooked Teeth

Along with knowledge concerning the latest techniques, the skilled cosmetic dentists in Sacramento improve the looks of a patient’s smile, by straightening their crooked teeth.

If a school aged child has crooked teeth, their classmates may tease or shun them because of the deformity. For the child, this can lead to their being insecure, anxious or depressed.

Then, too, if an adult’s teeth become crooked, from an accident or maybe an oral cavity disease, these same feelings can also have a negative impact on their lifestyle.

Moreover, crooked teeth can cause problems in jaw muscles and the mouth, along with not being able to chew food thoroughly. Crooked teeth are difficult to brush and clean, which can lead to gum disease.

Thus, no matter the age, it’s imperative to have crooked teeth straightened.

The most common cause of crooked teeth is through inheritance, but if a person’s mouth is too small, their teeth often are crowded and grow in at an angle. Likewise, at a young age, if someone loses a baby or permanent tooth the teeth adjacent to the hole may begin to slant inwards. If babies suck on a baby bottle, the result may be crooked teeth, and thumb sucking has the same results.

Also, from an injury or a birth defect, misaligned teeth can be the result of a person’s jaws not being aligned correctly.

A common method of straightening teeth is to bond them. Bonding is quick, pain free and generally completed in one appointment. The cosmetic dentists in Sacramento will apply a resin-like material to crooked teeth, which aligns them with adjacent teeth. Also, bonding can fill small gaps between the teeth. Like losing a tooth, if gaps are not filled the teeth next to the gap may grow at an angle.

Bonding isn’t a permanent fix but can last from 3 to 10 years. Bonding lasts longer if the patient doesn’t chew their fingernails, pens or other hard-textured items.

Another method of aligning teeth is using Invisalign clear braces. These teeth aligners are almost invisible and straighten teeth in about 6 months to 2 years. Cosmetic dentists use Invisalign braces instead of the common metal type. They are effective on extremely crooked teeth.

Porcelain veneers are thin covers that go over the front of a tooth. They look real, don’t easily stain, and last 10 to 20 years

The cosmetic dentists in Sacramento take pride in their expertise, whether it’s bonding teeth, Invisalign clear braces, or the use of porcelain veneers. They strive to straighten a patient’s teeth with a plan that fits their budget.

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