Flatparty.com announces launch of new career feature “JobWiz” to connect right kind of talent and opportunity

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Unique feature which can redefine the way you find a resource, it’s easier and friendlier….. 

New York, October 5th , 2015: Innovative Social Media Platform Flatparty.com one of the unique & superior social networking site pioneered two way communications via SMS and E-MAIL Announces Launch of New Career Feature JobWiz  to all users.  

This feature will enable the user to find a new set of resources in today’s highly competitive employment world, giving them a new set of resources for young people as they take aim at their career goals both large and small.  Flatparty.com is designed not only with helping young people’s career goals in mind, but is also dedicated to protecting their privacy while using the network.

Combining together different social media concepts around the idea of job planning and preparation, Flatparty assures that their new career feature will help users to begin their career at a younger age and possibly even put together contacts that last a lifetime. It will also help the HR Professionals, Entrepreneur, and Manager to find out the right kind of resource or candidates for their organisation. 

According to Anto Toms, CEO of Flatparty.com,We firmly believe that by linking together different social media concepts around the idea of job planning and preparation will play an important role in bringing young people as they take aim at their career goals both large and small. We all know the power of networking when it comes to building friendships and personal relationships. We’re here to show that same power can be used to help plan and build careers, delivering huge lasting value to the young people using Flatparty.com.  It’s a win/win all around”.

Features of Flatparty.com’s include:  MyRealm, which allows friends to create groups based around their interests; JobWiz, where employers create their profile and post new jobs in an effort to attract the right quality candidates; and Career Planner, which delivers to users everything needed to make an attractive and interesting career profile.

In addition to its value as a career resource, Flatparty also serves as a very active and interesting social media site.  By combining lifestyle features, with business features, the networking site encourages the development of more happy and integrated people – a clear benefit at work, and in living a happy life.  Chat, along with video and music sharing options are included delivering every social media option offered by some of the larger names in the networking space.

Flatparty makes itself distinct by allowing its members to connect with friends and colleagues and create private groups and sub groups focused around common interests.  This can also be used to organize events, where friends can be invited to attend and participate without or with the internet (via SMS text message).  Polls and blog posts are also easy to create and share.

® INC.

Founded in 2012, Flatparty, Inc. is a USA based business with its primary operations in New York. The business focuses on providing unique and supreme Social Networking platform to the members of the public.

www.flatparty.com is a free social networking site allowing registered users to create profiles, upload photos, video and music, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues from all around the world, with options to communicate with them through multiple channels. Site also includes public features such as Groups, Events, Polls and Blogs.

Groups let members who have common interests find one another and interact and communicate within themselves. The events feature gives the opportunity for members to publicize an event, invite guests, and track attendance of participants, even before the event has started.

For registration and further information please visit www.flatparty.com


For further information please contact: PR@flatparty.com

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