Getting Help For A Struggling Parent

Her parents took care of her when she was little. She was determined to care of her parents when their health started to decline. She didn’t realize how emotional it would be to consider a nursing home. Then she discovered home nursing care and was relieved to know her parents could be cared for in the comfort of their own home.

It is hard for children to see their parent’s health start to decline. Keeping them as independent as possible in their own homes is a much preferred option. Children also see the benefits of keeping their parents at home in their familiar surroundings. Home nursing care offers affordable plans to make this a realitly. They also suggest helpful recommendations to make the house a safe place. For example, it is a good idea to remove any rugs that are on the floor. Elderly parents can easily trip and fall over loose rugs. This can lead to broken bones, hospitalization, possible surgery and further declining health.

Home care nursing also monitors parents ability to take their medications correctly. Furthermore, they can check their vitals, blood glucose levels, help with dressing changes and other health care needs. This can prevent problems before they get out of hand. It is similar to the “old days” when doctors used to make house calls. When someone is ill it is much easiser to come to them rather than make them travel to see a health care professional.

Once home nursing is involved with a client, they can also make referrals for additional home health professionals. One such example is a referral for occupational therapy. Occupational therapists can inspect the house for anything that might pose a risk for safety. For example, they will look at the bathroom and may suggest a shower chair or a stool riser. These small adaptations can make life easier and safer.

Home nursing is generally covered by insurance. However, insurance usually covers nursing services for a limited time. If a family wishes to continue to have a home nurse visit their parent, they have the option of paying privately for these services. Many families would rather spend their money for in home care, versus moving their parent to a nursing home.

Home nursing offers a compassionate way to provide care for the elderly without making them leave their homes. It allows the elderly to maintain their independence, dignity and comfort level. It allows children to give their parents the best care possible, in return for all the love and care they provided to them through the years.

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