Great Younger Looking Skin

Your skin is the first thing a person sees when they meet you, it is the first impression made. It is important to take care of your skin, as you age your skin if not taken care of can be a tell-tell sign of your age, or could possibly cause you to look older. It can be challenging to maintain younger looking skin as the aging process takes hold. Some of the biggest skin problems that age the skin are:

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles happen because of a combination of reasons, age, smoking, UV light exposure, nutrition, gender, and repetitive facial expressions.Great Younger Looking Skin

    • Age, affects your skin’s elasticity, dryness and loss of the fatty layers. The elasticity in your skin becomes loose as you age, losing firmness. As you age your body produces fewer oils, which leave skin drier which can increase the visibility of wrinkles. The fatty layer underneath you skin is responsible for filling out the skin on your face, when this starts to diminish it can cause skin to become saggy and wrinkly.
    • Smoking accelerates the aging process which will increase wrinkles.
    • UV light exposure from the sun or tanning beds, the UV breaks down collagen and elasticity in your skin’s connective tissues, which causes the skin to look more aged. The exposure starts deeper in your skin and progressively worsens.
    • Poor nutrition deprives your body from consuming the essential nutrients needed to rebuild and renew your skin.
    • Gender, sorry ladies but women tend to age differently than their male counterparts especially with the areas around the mouth.
    • Repetitive facial expressions can cause deep wrinkles to form where the face creases in the expression. For instance, always raising your eyebrows? Squinting your eyes? Pursing your lips? All of these can lead to increase wrinkling in those areas.
  • Spots and Scars
    • Spots on the skin can be caused from sun exposure. Or could be from birth marks, moles and freckles.
    • Scars are most likely from acne; acne can be incredibly harsh on the skin. It not only affects confidence but it can be painful, and leave the skin spotted and scarred. Though scars on the face could be from other things like surgery and accidents.
  • Acne and Blemishes
    • Acne is caused from clogged hair follicles; these become clogged from dead skin cells and oil. Acne can leave deep scars and red marks on the skin, affecting the appearance of the skin and the self-confidence of the person.

To minimalize the skin’s aging appearance there are many options to help.

  • Eat and Drink Healthy- It isn’t anything new, eating a proper and well-balanced meal rich with vitamins will create a healthier body, thus a healthier skin. Be sure to always drink plenty of water, hydrated skin is less likely to appear wrinkled.
  • Use of a Good Products- The right cleansing products can make a difference on the appearance of the skin. Harsh cleansing tools can leave the skin damaged. Using the right cleansing tools, creams and washes are important to keep skin looking younger.
  • Moisturize- keeping your skin hydrated will help minimize aging effects.
  • Sun-avoid direct exposure for the sun, use sunscreen, hats and attempt to stay in the shade when possible.
  • Professional Care- Whether it is a simple facial to help exfoliate and condition the skin or a trip to the dermatologist to talk about stronger options, like dermabrasion, surgery and peels. A dermatologist will have the right skin cleansing tool for your skin problems.

There are many ways to achieve younger looking skin and some important things to prevent the aging process. No matter your age it is important to take care of your skin to keep it looking younger and healthier.

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