Hastings & Hastings Considers Evidence as Relevant to Accident Cases

To reach a fair and reasonable settlement with an insurance claim or for a personal injury lawsuit, evidence is extremely important. Determining fault will play a large role in the decision. Hastings & Hastings notes that the best way to establish fault is through the application of carefully obtained evidence. Hastings & Hastings further advises that experienced accident lawyers are best equipped to gather, coordinate, and apply evidence with the goal of reaching a favorable settlement.

Hastings & Hastings provide a note on burden of proof. When it comes to obtaining compensation following an accident, the burden of proof is placed on the party seeking damage. That is, if individuals have been hurt and are making claims on an allegedly at fault driver’s insurance, the burden of proof is left to the injured individual.

Hastings & Hastings comments that one of the difficulties in obtaining evidence is that experiencing a car accident can be an emotional and disorienting experience. Hastings & Hastings notes that it understandable that an individual will not place obtaining evidence at the top of their list of priorities following an accident. However, if health permits, they should make every effort to document the accident scene as thoroughly as possible.

Evidence and information which should be gathered may include the names and address of the other drivers involved. Additional Hastings & Hastings notes that driver’s license numbers, vehicle license plate number, and insurance information is all very important. Additionally, witness statements can be powerful tools for establishing fault. If witness were present, individuals may ask if they are willing to provide contact information.

Additional relevant information will be related to personal injuries and property damage. All physical injuries should be well documented by a healthcare professional. Evidence of property damage should be document using photographs. All of this items may become relevant during insurance or legal proceedings.

“Evidence is of the utmost importance in legal proceedings and in insurance claims. These are hard facts which cannot be argued with or denied. The more evidence you have on your side the better. You almost need someone who knows how to properly use that evidence. That is where Hastings & Hastings comes in,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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