Hastings & Hastings Offers Accident Advice

Hastings & Hastings is a discount accident law firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. Found in 1981 by David  Hastings, Hastings & Hastings is committed to delivering the highest quality representation for accident  victims at discount rates. Hastings & Hastings Discount Accident Fee has saved clients over $14,000,000  in just the last 9 years. Hastings & Hastings also maintains an ongoing commitment to community  service and accident prevention. As part of that commitment, Hastings & Hastings offers accident  advice.

Following an accident, individuals should be primarily concerned with their own health and wellbeing. If  they have not suffered any major injuries, they should attempt to remove themselves from the damaged vehicle and proceed to a safe location. If they are hurt, they should remain put and wait for help.

As soon as individuals are in a safe location, they should call 911. It is important to contact the authorities even after a minor accident. Police reports and proper documentation play an important role in legal proceedings. Hastings & Hastings advises against “being the nice guy,” and attempting to resolve the accident without police involvement.

It is further advisable to photograph the scene of the accident. Hastings & Hastings notes that wide shots of the entire accident scene and close shots of the damage and other details are important.

If there are witnesses, it is wise to get statements and receive contact information. The more evidence accident victims have supporting their interpretation of events, the better.

Finally, it is important to seek medical attention even if an accident victim does not believe that they have sustained a major injury. Often, accident related injuries take hours or even days to present themselves. It is also important to have proper documentation of all health related matters.

“Accidents are shocking and traumatic experiences. I know, I have been involved in more than one accident myself. I remember how disoriented I felt when I stepped out of the car. For a moment, I was not sure what I should do next. Guides like this can be a huge help. The more you know about accident, the better prepared you will be if you ever experience one,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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