Having a Fun Workout

Making a workout fun will make you more likely to continue with it and make it a permanent part of your routine.  If you can turn your workout time into fun time as well, it becomes easier to devote a portion of each day to it.  The trick is finding just which form of entertainment you most enjoy as you workout.

The most common way to make your workout fun is to have a workout partner or buddy do it with you.  Having a friend who can share in the experience makes working out much more fun than doing it alone.  If you enjoy getting to know new people, or having fun with a group, consider attending a workout class at your local gym or recreation center.  Classes are always more fun because of the upbeat personality of the instructor as well as the interaction with the other class members.  From aerobics to cycling, in a gym or in a pool, instructors know a way to make exercising fun for all.

Even if you’re not in a class, you can share a workout with a friend by going running together or even just walking together.  Not only is it more fun to work out with a partner, having a friend who relies on your and who you rely on makes both of you more consistent and accountable to each other as well.

If you find it hard to get to the gym, or just prefer doing your workouts at home, there are ways to make them more fun as well.  If you are running or walking on a treadmill or doing a workout on an elliptical or cycle machine consider positioning it where you have access to Dish programming options. Having ready access to television programs, the news, or entertainment makes your workout time not only go faster, but makes it much more enjoyable as well.  When you find you have that much watch TV show you can’t get enough of – try coordinating that time with your workout, or better yet use your DVR and record the show to watch whenever you can fit in your workout.

If you are on the move when working out; for instance if you run or walk outdoors, consider music.  Music completes a workout by setting the speed of the workout based on the song tempo and makes any workout more fun.  So, download your favorite playlist to your MP3 player, grab a great set of ear buds and get on your way.  You’ll find your workout will feel like it goes by faster and is much more enjoyable.  Music serves as a great motivator that goes wherever you go.

So whichever option works best for you, spice up your routine by adding a little social and entertainment value to your workout time.


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