ImageLOCK, the Only Combination Lock that Uses Symbols, Seeks to Expand its Product Line

ImageLOCK plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in November to create a lock with colored symbols.

Sunnyside, NY: ImageLOCK (design and utility patented), the only lock company that produces combination locks with symbols, today announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new combination lock with colored symbols. The Kickstarter campaign (search: ImageLOCK with Colors) is set to launch during the first week of November 2015. ImageLOCK will be available on Kickstarter until the beginning of December and can be a practical stocking stuffer or party gift.

ImageLOCK, which made its product debut through Kickstarter in November 2014, is the latest breakthrough in combination padlocks. Invented by Ali Nawaz, the ImageLOCK is ushering in a new era in combination padlocks. The inclusion of images instead of numbers is the innovation in this combination lock design.  Instead of a 1-2-3 combination, imagine a typical ImageLOCK combination might be “butterfly-dog-star” or “triangle-circle-square.”

Nawaz was inspired to invent an easy to remember combination lock while serving on the front lines in Afghanistan. Nawaz explains:

 “People tend to forget combination numbers. Images, however, are much easier to remember.  A child especially can remember his/her favorite animal or shape for their combination lock. It could benefit people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It could even help people with disabilities.”

This second upcoming Kickstarter campaign from ImageLOCK will support the expansion of the company’s product line with a new, updated combination lock. This lock will include an upgraded heavy duty lock and shackle, 12 symbols (the original ImageLOCK has 8 symbols). Each symbol on this lock will be featured in a bright, fun color which lends to easier memorization of combinations. Additionally, the wholesale version of this lock will offer a control key mechanism that will allow users to open the lock with a key in the event that the combination is forgotten.

Nawaz, a New York City resident, saw a need for the ImageLOCK after observing how virtually all combination padlocks are one-dimensional. Nawaz believes the ImageLOCK would be a great way for school age children to hone their memory skills. The lock would also help people who suffer from memory loss. “I have not been able to find a similar lock in existence,” Nawaz said. “There are many kinds of combination locks, but I have not seen one that’s geared toward young and elderly people or those that would enjoy a decorative and interesting lock.”

A mechanical and truly non-digital gadget, the IMAGE-LOCK features hardened chrome steel and uses no batteries. Including shipping (in USA), the Kickstarter rewards include: a single ImageLOCK with a black ball pen (available for a pledge of $10); a single ImageLOCK, a white crew neck t-shirt and a black ball pen (available for a pledge of $17); and two ImageLOCKs, a white crew neck t-shirt and a black ball pen (available for a pledge of $25). Great as a stocking stuffer and party favor and deliveries are possible by Christmas. The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise funds for the first production run of the updated ImageLOCK and begin tooling for additional ImageLOCK designs.

The ImageLOCK Kickstarter campaign (A draft) can be seen below. However, an actual campaign will begin at the beginning of November 2015:

ImageLOCK video can also be seen at YouTube link:

ImageLOCK CEO Ali Nawaz began ImageLOCK ( in 2015 as an online business. Since then ImageLOCK has made its way into fitness centers and stores in New York City.

For more information about ImageLOCK or the planned Kickstarter campaign, contact Ali Nawaz at 917.415.1439 or email,, or visit

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