Knowing When It’s Time To Get Dentures

Teeth look like they are built to last, but sometimes they’re not. Teeth can reach a point where they are just not salvageable with reasonable effort.

How does a person determine when dentures may be the answer? After all, the whole idea is intimidating, because the original teeth need to be extracted before dentures can be accommodated.
There are plenty of ads suggesting that natural teeth need to be saved at all costs. Determining options may take some discernment.

Ask for examinations from perhaps two reputable dentists. Request a conference and a list of procedures that could be done to save the teeth. Ask that the provider be very clear about the cost that this will involve and the potential for longevity of the repairs with reasonable maintenance.

1. Advanced decay. Advanced decay of a tooth will involve crowning to save the tooth. Crowning is an expensive option for a number of teeth. The bone and gums around the potential crown must be healthy and stable, as well.

2. The need for root canals. A root canal is necessary when decay has advanced into the roots of a tooth. This will present with a toothache and infection. A root canal cleans out the infection and kills the root. The root structure is then filled. Because of the nature of the procedure, the tooth is no longer living. It will become brittle and break off unless it is crowned.

3. Periodontal disease.
periodontal disease is often a deal-breaker. This disease advances into the gums and tissues around the teeth and may involve the jawbone. Teeth ultimately loosen and fall out. The combination of infection, decay and bone recession would need to be addressed vigorously to perhaps save the teeth.

Replacing unhealthy teeth with dentures that look beautiful and natural is sometimes the best option. Dentures in San Antonio are professionals who customize dentures to your personal needs. They can assist you in the process of acquiring dentures.

1. Impressions will be taken to determine the fit of the new teeth. The color and form the teeth will take will be determined at this time.

2. Original teeth will need to be extracted. Most people say that this procedure is not nearly as uncomfortable as others imagine. A professional will assist you to determine how much medication you may need for this. Various anxiety medications are available. Teeth can also be extracted under sedation.

3. An immediate, temporary denture will be placed by Dentures in San Antonio. This way a denture candidate is never without teeth.

4. After healing and refitting, the permanent denture is placed. Most people are very pleased with their beautiful, new teeth. They feel like smiling again!

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