Louisville Personal Injury Law Firm Cooper & Friedman Donates to Local Cancer Charities and Encourages Others to Get Involved and Remember Those Less Fortunate

Louisville, KY. As the Holidays approach, all of us should try to remember those less fortunate and give back what we can to the community. Cooper & Friedman, PLLC, a personal injury law firm in Louisville, Kentucky, has been supporting local cancer charities, like Families for a Cure, for many years.

Families for a Cure is a registered nonprofit 501c3 foundation. Throughout the year, the organization hosts a variety of social events to raise money for cancer research and patient care programs. The organization is working towards the goal of raising at least $1 million dollars to help fund cancer research and patient care programs by 2021.

Some of the 2015 fundraising events organized by Families for a Cure include:

  • The FlapJack 5K Run and Pancake Breakfast held on April 30th, 2015.
  • The 13th Annual Double Bogey Invitational held on August 13th at the Golf Club of Dublin.
  • The 2015 Girls’ Night Out to be held on Friday, November 13th, at Average Joe’s in Dublin, Ohio.

More than 1,500 Americans die every day from a cancer-related death. And around the world, about 14 million people learn that they have cancer each year, as reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cancer is a leading cause of sickness and death, and it impacts almost every person’s life in some way. The health effects of finding a cure for cancer would be enormous.

Families for a Cure recently recognized the Cooper & Friedman law firm for their involvement with the organization, stating: “Thank you Cooper & Friedman for your ongoing support of Families for a Cure. With your help in 2015, we were able to raise $100,000 to fund cancer research and patient care programs. Thank you for being part of our family for a cure!”

Describing the work done by Families for a Cure, Hal Friedman, Partner at Cooper & Friedman Law Firm in Louisville, Kentucky, states: “The organization does great work and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars which are donated to the American Cancer Society. If you have the time and ability, we strongly suggest you consider making a donation to this very worthy cause. Donations can be made online to https://familiesforacure.org.”

You can stay in touch with Families for a Cure by following the organization’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FamiliesforaCure/

About Cooper & Friedman:

Cooper & Friedman is a law firm in Louisville Kentucky with over 45 combined years of experience fighting for the rights of victims in Kentucky and southern, Indiana. The firm focuses on personal injury law which includes motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, nursing home abuse cases, workplace injuries, daycare injuries, injuries caused by police brutality and medical malpractice. Cooper & Friedman also represents victims of unfair credit reporting and debt collection practices, civil rights abuses and product liability violations. For more information about Cooper and Friedman, visit www.cooperandfriedman.com or call 502-459-7555 for a free case consultation. 

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