No Slowing Down for this 71 Year Old Entrepreneur

Rocky Mountain High Brands Founder Jerry Grisaffi Sets the Standard for Successful Seniors in the Modern Marketplace

After a successful career in the automobile industry, following in the footsteps of his father, Jerry Grisaffi found himself at a point in life where most people would retire and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of hard work. As you’re about to find out, this self-made entrepreneur isn’t most people. In the midst of a hectic schedule, Grisaffi took the time to speak with about Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., the company he founded to create innovative hemp-based products that answer a need in the growing natural market.

Jerry Grisaffi is one of an elite and growing group of older entrepreneurs who believe in hard work and ingenuity. While the stereotype of the young entrepreneur operating out of a dorm room to create an exciting start-up is prevalent in the media, research shows that 40 is the average age for a successful entrepreneur. A study of 5,000 start-ups launched in 2004 found that an impressive 48 percent were started by founders ages 45 and over. However, a full 64 percent of the surviving companies were headed by entrepreneurs in the 45-and-up group.

The old adage that with age comes wisdom seems to be supported by the numbers as well as by success stories like Rocky Mountain High Brands. In his interview with, Grisaffi opens up about everything from the founding of his brand to the exciting future line of products he has in the works.

Founding Rocky Mountain High Brands

With a recent start-up date of July 2014, Rocky Mountain High Brands has become the largest hemp-infused beverage producer in the USA in record time. As of 2016, the company has produced over 3 million cans of hemp-infused beverages. How did the RMHB founder achieve that kind of success in such a short amount of time? Founder Jerry Grisaffi credits the product’s natural ingredients and exclusive sourcing opportunities.

Before Grisaffi started RMHB, he gained experience as a serial entrepreneur. Using his career in the automobile industry as a springboard, Grisaffi displays a versatility of experience that many older entrepreneurs have in common. In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs in a study conducted to understand the traits common among self-made businessmen and businesswomen self-reported as serial entrepreneurs. The average number of start-ups launched by the participants in the study was 2.3.

Serial entrepreneurship is one of the many reasons why senior entrepreneurs like Grisaffi thrive at what they do. The RMHB founder acknowledged that his entrepreneurial career included both failures and successes and believes that his ability to keep going is a crucial ingredient in the success of his brand.

Rocky Mountain High Products

Like all great entrepreneurs, Grisaffi saw opportunity in change. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and the continued debate around the country, the hemp industry is generating more press than ever. The RMHB product line is able to capitalize on the attention that hemp-based products are receiving through the media to provide a solution to consumer demand and raise awareness about the brand.

The core of the RMHB product line is the low-calorie energy drink infused with a delicious hemp coconut lime blend. Grisaffi saw the media firestorm surrounding other energy drinks with a base of taurine and other controversial ingredients and turned it into an opportunity to introduce a safer and more natural alternative.

The primary appeal of RMHB products is that they provide the natural energy boost of hemp without the high from THC. The brand also has a line of protein and energy bars in progress that is sure to please the natural health crowd. Grisaffi has managed to negotiate special access to a Rocky Mountain spring owned by a Comanche tribe to produce an innovative line of hemp-infused water. The water features a high level of alkalinity and is infused with CBDs for cancer prevention and other powerful health benefits.

The Organizational Structure

Rocky Mountain High Brands has recently made some exciting additions to its executive leadership team. In preparation for filing Form 10 to list on the OTCQB stock exchange, Grisaffi made several important structural changes to his company, including the hiring of Michael Welch as chief executive and chief financial officer and Chuck Smith as chief operating officer. Welch drove the process leading to the filing of the Form 10, as well as restructured the Company’s accounting, risk management and corporate governance activities. Smith assisted the company with product distribution and opened the doors to even more investors on the OTCQB market. In addition to Welch and Smith, Grisaffi has surrounded himself with a team of talented executive officers and staff members who have helped him continue the upward trajectory of Rocky Mountain High Brands.

Future Outlook

With five flavors of beverages to choose from and a thriving online market, Rocky Mountain High shows no signs of slowing down. Defying the stereotypes of older entrepreneurs who play it safe, Jerry Grisaffi has enlisted the help of dedicated team members to expand the RMHB product line and reach more consumers through distributor accounts with retailers around the country. By working with hemp-based retailers and natural stores, RMHB is able to simultaneously grow its in-store presence while thriving online.

“You’ve gotta do the guerilla marketing. Get your name out there, get in stores,” says Grisaffi of his brand growth strategy. From making calls to distributors to attending shows with international participants, Grisaffi clearly believes in getting his product in front of as many strategic audiences as possible. “You gotta get up and go make it happen.”

As a relatively new brand that is already competing with big names like Monster and Red Bull, Rocky Mountain High Brands is a force to be reckoned with. Founder Jerry Grisaffi proves that age is no limitation when it comes to creating an innovative product and putting in the effort it takes to market it.

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