Parker & Sons Speaks about Hard Water

The Southwest region of the United States is notorious for having some of the hardest water in the world. Arizona soil is replete with two common minerals, magnesium and calcium. As groundwater percolates, minerals dissolves and hop along for a ride. The result is hard water – or water with high mineral content. Although hard water poses no health risks, it can cause consumers a wide range of problems. Parker & Sons, a local Phoenix homer services company, speaks about hard water.

“In the United States, hard water accounts for almost 85 percent of the nation’s domestic water reserves. The severity of hard water is measured in grains-per-gallon, or as we call it in the industry, GPG. Here in the Southwest, it isn’t uncommon to see water with a GPG content of 22! Essentially, that means we have some very hard water. Homeowners and renters who do not have a home water softener or water purification system are probably very familiar with the tough, white residue left over by hard water,” said Josh Kelly, of Parker & Sons.

The negative effects of hard water on the home plumbing system can cause major problems over time if not addressed. Mineral buildup can accelerate the deterioration of pipes in the home plumbing system. It can also restrict the free flow of water.

Water softeners function by removing calcium and magnesium ions from water and replacing them with softened sodium ions. This does many that water treated with this method will have higher sodium content. It is important to note, if individuals are on a low-sodium diet as prescribed to them by a doctor, they may wish to consult the physician before using an ion exchange water softener.

“There are many different options when it comes to dealing with hard water. We suggesting doing researching and picking out the method that is best for our home. It is always a good idea to consult a professional, especially when it comes time to install your water softening system. Quality of life will improve almost immediately. Say good-bye to unsightly white deposits on your dishes and glassware. Say hello to clean, soft, delicious tasting water,” Josh Kelly later added.

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