launches Enterprise Healthcare Solution for TPAs a popular consumer website,” the for Healthcare ” as it enables patients to shop for Healthcare Procedures and Services, announced today that it has launched an Enterprise Healthcare Solution for TPAs (Third Party Administrators) to lower the cost of healthcare.’s Enterprise Healthcare Solution allows employees to shop in network providers, out of network providers, medical tourism by using price transparency to empower employees to lower their over all “out-of-pocket” expenses (effectively extending their deductible while diminishing TPA expense). Enterprise Healthcare Solution offers lower price alternatives for healthcare procedures and services.’s Enterprise Solution improves TPA’s current healthcare products by adding choice, access, transparency, and a much better healthcare experience for employees, by educating and empowering employees to shop for their healthcare procedures and services.

“For major procedures, empowering the patient to seek out world class treatment in other states, will impact any third payer’s bottom line with dramatic savings.”

An example of how’s Enterprise Solution works: a patient/employee in Newport Beach California needs a thyroidectomy which costs $48,840 at their local hospital. software integrates with the TPA (Third Party Administrators) current choice alternatives and through an API (Application Programming Interface) with the TPA’s current platform. offers a total seamless white-label “end-to-end” solution with all inclusive pricing for the same surgery in Oklahoma City with surgeon, facility, anesthesiologist, limo, flight, hotel and also waves the patient’s deductible of $5,000 for an all-inclusive price $12,979. A total savings of the $35,861 for the TPA. Patient out of pocket cost in this example reduced to zero. has filed multiple patents on’s Healthcare Solution, software platform and tools that educate the patient to know exactly how much their co-pay is applicable, how much of their deductible has been met, what are the cash-only price alternatives, the ancillary cost for service, the cost of in-network pricing vs out-of-network pricing and the exact cost for procedures, services, or medications including patient out of pocket cost.’s Patent and Corporate attorneys are Greenberg Traurig. Greenberg Traurig LLP is an international law firm with over 30 locations and 1800 attorneys. GT was Named a “National Tier 1” Law Firm for IP Litigation, Patent Law, Trademark Law and Information Technology Law, U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” [2013] has developed a multi-patent pending search engine that connects patients with Health-Care Professionals. This product is the “” for Health-Care Professionals and those seeking Health-Care. It’s always free to the patient. Health-Care Professionals pays a small search fee, but only when a patient clicks to schedule an appointment. is the only truly “success-based” advertising platform that allows the patient to search by all-inclusive price, location, health-care professional, procedure, or service. The patient can view pictures of the Health-Care Professional, the office, the staff, read reviews, care philosophies, all from a lap-top, tablet, or smart phone by app or website.

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