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Rylands Associates is an independent property management company that provides effective, reliable and transparent management services to a range of clients and asset types across the UK.

Rylands Associates’ personalised team has accrued more than 60 years of knowledge and experience in the residential property sector.

Their ever-growing portfolio consists of managing an assortment of buildings, ranging from smaller individual units to larger, well-populated blocks. Regardless of the size of your property, Rylands Associates’ core ethos is to deliver a personal but professional approach, irrespective of size. At Rylands Associates they treat each property individually as a bespoke project, or business, and consider the requirements of that business to ensure they meet the expectations of their clients and customers.

Rylands currently partner with a number of regional and national house builders and understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships. They strongly believe that managing the developments in a proactive manner reflects well on their partners, this reduces unnecessary administration both before and after handover.

They manage a large number of new developments, from small housing developments to large complex developments containing several hundred units with different types of tenure including mixed use including: private flats and houses, flats and houses owned by Housing Association and Health Authorities, sheltered accommodation and commercial units.

By involving them from the start of your building project, Rylands Associates Property Management provides you with a complete service such as:

  • Management of apartment buildings.
  • Communication with leaseholders.
  • Regular site inspections.
  • Communal area routine maintenance.
  • Building cyclical maintenance.
  • Management of plant.
  • Managing contractors and contracts.
  • Annual service charge estimating.
  • Recovery of service charge.
  • Annual service charge accounting.
  • Record keeping.
  • On site staff management.
  • Legal enquiries processing.
  • Compliance with health & safety

Their Block Management team is headed up by Russell O’Connor MIRPM Assoc RICS, who brings an array of expertise and industry know-how, gained from working in the sector for over 15 years. Russell has also gained invaluable experience in management and lettings at an international level, including the management of 65,000 units around the globe.

Within their offices, Rylands always ensure the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance can be provided. Technology has allowed them to remain ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency, collaboration and effectiveness by providing iPads to staff for total mobility when away from their desks. Equipping their employees with iPads has allowed them to have total visibility of emails, documents, and any account or property information 24/7, from any location.

The decision to adopt iPads with a Dropbox cloud based solution has augmented Rylands as an innovative adoptee of new technologies within the sector, which focuses on the constant improvement of their customer experience through innovative solutions.

Rylands Associates always strive to ensure all residents and clientele are satisfied with their service offering, which is why they always focus on the little details that matter. Personalised service is a culture at Rylands Associates. They want their residents to always feel comfortable addressing any issues at any time, as they say; home is where the heart is…

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