RedStorm Labs New Stack Top Bodybuilding Breakthrough of 2015?

RedStorm Labs has exploded on to the bodybuilding scene with two new powerful supplements; Muscle HD and Muscle Recovery HD. Already being featured in Inside Fitness Magazine as well as receiving the Supp Dawg Selection Seal in Muscle Insider’s Supplement Buyer’s Guide, RedStorm Labs is a company to watch for those seeking to optimize their athletic performance.

Muscle HD is a supplement that was carefully crafted to increase strength and performance during an intensive resistance-training program. Muscle Recovery HD on the other hand was scientifically designed to help the body repair muscle tissue damage associated with hard training. Every single ingredient in both products was painstakingly selected to ensure 100% optimal athletic performance.

With featured products storming the market place for both performance and recovery, it’s no surprise RedStorm Labs has had no issues attracting top talent to their team. What does Denon Maximchuk, the Northern Classic natural bodybuilding 1st place winner, and Brandon Tovey, an 8 time World-Record Holder in Powerlifting, Bench Press, and 2 time Powerlifting World Champion, have in common? Both have seen the value of these exciting new products and joined the RedStorm Labs team.

Unlike many supplements on the market, every single batch of product RedStorm Labs produces is quality and safety tested before going to market. Their customers can feel secure in knowing they are actually getting what they are paying for.  The production process not only meets, but exceeds all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications.

To learn more about RedStorm Labs, their current products, and keep up to date with all exciting new company announcements, please follow and learn more at their official websites.

RedStorm Labs Official Website

Muscle HD Official Website

Muscle Recovery HD Official Website

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