Shaddow’s New Music Video Elevates Love Message. New Music Video Promotes Love and Children in Africa


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“SHADDOW Releases New Music Video Film Co-starring the Multi-Talented “QUEEN RO”

Dallas, Texas, June 10 – A new music video, titled “Just Keep It” was released on May 27 by Arlington, Texas based Shaddow. The video features the sexy and classy visual presence of Afrocentric Queen Ro as Shaddow’s co-star. The music video is a soundtrack selection on their newly-released film, which is one component of a campaign geared towards helping distressed African children. Shaddow has linked arms with; a company that engages in crowd-funding initiatives for healthcare and education in Africa. Anyone can go to the site or to the teaser video and make a donation. The monies received will sponsor initiatives that will have a major impact on the life outcomes for numerous children in Africa.

Shaddow and Queen Ro scene 1

Queen Ro is a multi-talented music artist, model, actress, seamstress, fashion designer and visual artist who runs a company called P.L.C.P. The acronyms of her company stand for Peace, Love, Creativity and Positivity; things she holds dear. She lends her ultra-confident energy to the soul stirring film. Find out more about Queen Ro on Instagram at or on YouTube at

Shaddow and Queen Ro scene 2

The hashtag message #BLACKLOVE is being used by Shaddow on social media for several reasons, as follows below:

  • As a theme for the film
  • In order to announce its recent release
  • To help Ghana, Africa-based gain more exposure and support
  • To promote the message that the black community needs to be inspired to give black love a chance so that healing in the black community can usher in

Shaddow and Queen Ro scene 3

In an interview on The Queen Silvy Show, Producer/Entrepreneur Shaddow said he brands his musicianship as a hybrid mix of soulful, original, off the beaten track and defiant. The multi-instrumentalist believes music has timeless value, but that people today take it for granted because of its easy accessibility across multiple platforms. He distinguishes himself as a musician who strives to maintain a direct and personal one-on-one interactive pipeline to the fans who support his work.

Shaddow and Queen Ro scene 4

This latest fresh, energetic project is designed to serve as a beacon telegraphing a message of love, light and high function in the black community. It also gives the artist an opportunity to support and collaborate with a worthy cause by helping African children in need.

For more information about Shaddow and his work, visit  or join his fan club at


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