Software Advantage Consulting Corporation Announces Key Addition to Auto Scheduler Advantage™ Delivery Scheduling System

Software Advantage Consulting Corporation has officially announced a new dashboard feature for the Auto Scheduler Advantage™ delivery scheduling system to provide high-level tracking from one location.

Sterling Heights, Michigan, November 4, 2015 – Software Advantage Consulting Corporation has today announced a key addition to the company’s powerful Auto Scheduler Advantage™ delivery tracking solution.

“The new dashboard feature offers a complete overview of a dealership’s schedules combined with over 70 different KPIs,” stated David Miller. “It’s a potent solution designed to provide in-depth information from one location, and it’s completely configurable by the end user.”

The new dashboard feature allows dealerships to gain a top-down view of their entire delivery system and make informed decisions based on real-time information. It includes the ability to track the top five salespeople over the preceding 30 days, and to determine the number of deliveries scheduled, started, in-progress and completed.

Users can also access the dashboard to determine reconditioning stats, as well as monthly delivery statistics charted over the course of a year. Additional functionality includes:

  • Accessories stats
  • Admin stats
  • Service appointments
  • Advertising stats
  • Advertising tasks
  • Admin task

All information is displayed graphically, which makes it simpler than ever to answer questions and track performance accurately.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new dashboard is the modular functionality. Users are able to customize the dashboard with widgets so they see only the information that’s pertinent to them, and no irrelevant data or useless screens. Configuring the widgets is as simple as dragging them from the “Available Widgets” column to the “My Widgets” column.

“The new dashboard feature integrates perfectly with the rest of Auto Scheduler Advantage,” added David Miller. “It’s about expediting processes, reducing wasted time and effort, and maximizing profitability through access to in-depth information in real-time.”

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About Software Advantage Consulting Corporation: Established in 1986, Software Advantage Consulting Corporation (SACC) provides consulting, analysis, design and development of software solutions for automotive, aerospace, healthcare and other companies. SACC focuses on using the latest relevant technologies where applicable, and providing manufacturing systems and scheduling systems to the automotive sector has long been a specific focus for SACC.

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