Sponge Club Delivers Four Sponges Every Month To Help Maintain a Clean & Hygienic Kitchen At Home

Every month Sponge Club supplies four kitchen sponges to its registered members at an affordable price of just $4.44 per month basis.

May 18, 2016 –We all know the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at home to lead a happy and healthy life. The contamination of kitchen sponges could be one major reason behind food poisoning or bacterial infections. To address the issue and restrict the spreading of bacteria through kitchen sponges, Sponge Club was founded. The club supplies four kitchen sponges to its registered members every month, helping them to use clean, fresh and bacteria-free sponges in their kitchens.

According to one of the founders of the Club, people often ignore the importance of using clean sponges in the kitchen. In fact, a dirty sponge could have a plenty of bacteria that can make everyone sick in the family. The simple concept of supplying new kitchen sponges every month could prove helpful in maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment at home, and it could restrict the bacterial infection.  

To take advantage of the unique service offered by Sponge Club, one just needs to sign up with them on their website SpongeClub.com and can discover a simple way to keep their home safe from bacteria. The registered member will receive new sponges every month, and there is no risk of using a dirty sponge again and again. Health experts recommend changing kitchen sponges regularly, and with this new service, a family can keep using clean sponges every month.

The Club already has several subscribers who believe it’s a small thing to use a clean sponge, but it could have a wide effect on the human health. People often pay the least attention to such minor things and compromise on their health and hygiene. Now, they can use the services offered by them by the Club, ensuring a timely delivery of four new sponges every month.
Bacterial infection could be a reason behind several types of diseases. Changing kitchen sponges regularly could stop spreading of bacteria and can save people from getting a disease. To keep receiving four new and quality sponges every month at an affordable price, one can subscribe for their services on the website http://spongeclub.com/shop/.


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