Taking Care Of Cavities

Most people experience cavities at some point of their life, whether they realize it or not. Having regular dental checkup to spot cavities is an essential part of basic dental care. There are many benefits to doing so and avoiding taking care of cavities can lead to significant dental problems once they progress. This article will provide some basic information on what cavities are and why they should be taken care of immediately.

Cavities are effectively holes in your teeth. Plaque builds up on your teeth which eats away the enamel that serves as a layer of protection on your teeth. Tooth enamel is a natural tooth covering that covers your teeth and protects them from bacteria and other harmful substances that can lead to tooth decay. By brushing your teeth regularly, as well as flossing and using mouth rinse, you remove plaque buildup on your teeth and help to protect your tooth enamel. Once the enamel is eaten away tooth decay starts to set in.

As noted above, cavities are small holes that represent the tooth being eaten by bacteria and grime. If a cavity is not filled in by a dentist tooth decay worsens to the point where the nerve in your tooth may become exposed. An exposed nerve can be very painful and is generally taken care of by a root canal. A root canal severs the nerve in your tooth so that you no longer feel pain in that tooth. However, there are other complications that can occur from an exposed nerve. If the nerve in your tooth is exposed your mouth is ripe for tooth infection which can be very painful and can lead to serious repercussions to your health including, in extreme circumstances death. Generally speaking, tooth infection is so painful that it is treated with antibiotics that treat the infection. Once a root canal is performed the tooth is filled and capped so that the area is no longer susceptible to infection.

Instead of allowing your cavity to grow which can lead to the complications noted above, having a cavity filled by a dentist is generally preferable. Treating infections as well as root canals is an involved and expensive process. Filling a cavity is easier and is a more affordable dental procedure. Try contacting a local dentist to fill any cavities that you may be aware of and to check to see if there are any cavities that you may not be aware that you have. A local Dentistry Saginaw firm can provide these basic dental services for your teeth which can save you significant headaches down the road. Dental care is of paramount importance to your general health and taking care of cavities early on is part of this.

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