Federal guidelines for hazardous substances like radon, asbestos and lead already exist, but for those with mold lurking in their home, there’s little warning. No standards for the fungal growth have been set, despite a warning from the U.S. Government Accountability Office in 2008 that “indoor mold poses a widespread and, for some people, serious health threat” warns Lee of Mold Neutralizers. That health threat turned into a real-life catastrophe in the Towers family.

Until last year, Janeen Towers, her husband and two kids lived in a beautiful 4,500 square-foot home in Arizona. This is their story.

My husband and I recently found mold in one of our bathrooms. My husband removed what he saw, but we decided to look into mold remediation companies to check our house completely. We have 21 month-old son, and a 5 year-old sons who both were constantly sick with runny noses. My 21 month-old son had been on antibiotics over 5 times in his little 21 month-old life. This bothered us both greatly, and we started looking into possible problems in our home. Our pediatrician had actually thought that they both had allergies to dust mites. He prescribed allergy medication to my youngest son daily; however, my husband and I did not want to give him daily medication at such a young age.

We called several companies and left messages. Lee with Mold Neutralizers called me back within 10 minutes. He came out to our house that very same day. He thoroughly inspected the house and took samples of the places where my husband had removed the mold the week prior by himself.  Unsurprisingly, my husband had been very ill to his stomach following his removal from the mold he found. When Lee came to our home, he educated us on toxic mold. I don’t believe many people know the very severe risks of life, and illness that mold can bring to a family without this education. Within two days, Lee got back to me with the unfortunate news that an indoor air test confirmed my deepening suspicion: dangerously high counts of mold spores in two bathrooms, and basically gotten in the air we were breathing daily. The toxicologist told our family that we must leave our home and everything in it. I packed our bags and immediately got my boys out of the house. He and his crew began working at our house almost immediately, putting a couple of his other jobs on hold in my children’s best interest. He was compassionate, hardworking, kept in constant contact with my husband and me and worked directly with our insurance company (which at the time was actually being extremely difficult to work with). The mold in our home had been making us sick, and if he had not done what he did; my young children would have suffered the most in the long run. He not only got rid of the problem mold in our walls, under our bathtub and toilets, but he also completely rid our home of the mold in the air, in our humidifiers, in our AC, and even took it upon himself to make sure our cars were decontaminated  also. He gave us an estimate at the very beginning of the work to be done not really knowing what he was getting himself into, I think. I understand that there was much more mold and work to be done than what he probably thought because his estimate was much less than what I believe he, and his crew deserved. They worked relentlessly for 6 days in our home. When we returned not only was the mold gone, but he had completely sanitize our home making sure all mold and any chance of the mold returning were gone. His estimate never changed even though he ended up having to do extra work in our home. He actually basically became a friend during the process as I trusted him completely. He was sending me pictures of what they were doing all day long, as I never worried about anything that was going on.

With the risk of sounding extremely emotional, our urine tests confirmed high levels of toxins in all of us. After our treatment with the Mold Specialist Physician, my children do not have runny noses, and we have been back in for over two weeks. I actually owe Mold Neutralizers so much more than what they asked for. I believe Mold Neutralizers saved my children’s life, including my husband and I, because had this mold gone unnoticed, the neuro toxins would have eventually done more damage to my children. My husband has had severe mental illness as well, and we believe with time, this will get better as well. It brings tears of joy to my eyes, because Lee and his company with what they do daily, has changed my life and my children’s and our family’s life forever. I would recommend Mold Neutralizers to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“Janeen Towers”

The story of Mrs. Towers and family has been varying patterns of illness reflect symptoms of hundreds of other expose to mold, but Mold Neutralizers doesn’t blame the Tower’s doctors, who failed to identify mold as a primary issue. Instead, most medical schools give little or no class time to environmental concerns.

“It is an area that is not well-taught and not well-recognized,” Lee explained. Mold is a recognized hazard going all the way back to Bible times. In Leviticus 14, the Lord commands Moses and Aaron to follow up on mold complaints. Lev. 14:36-37 says, “The priest must go in and check it. He must look carefully at the mold that is on the walls.” The passage then explains how priests must oversee repeat examinations, cleanings and eventual tear-downs if mold continues to grow in the home. The World Health Organization has published a report on toxic molds, known as mycotoxins, that notes significant health issues. It warned that “exposure to mycotoxins can produce both acute and chronic toxicities ranging from death to deleterious effects on the central nervous, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.”

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