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Alfred Papallo
Eurofield Information Solutions
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TurboSearch from Eurofield Information Solutions Powers Offline Reference Publications with Apps that Allow Users to “Stop Searching and Start Finding” What They Need on Phones and Tablets

TurboSearch is aimed at publishers, businesses, and organizations with substantial mission and business-critical reference content, including health classifications, legislation, standards, education, and more. TurboSearch combines a list of productivity features that set its performance capabilities apart, including full offline availability, powerful and FAST search support, and intuitive user interface.

[1/7/2016 – Wilmington, DE]

Many organizations already depend on Eurofield Information Solutions’ (EIS) TurboSearch for Windows and Android devices to manage access and retrieval of information critical to daily operations and customer support. Now with the imminent debut of TurboSearch for iOS, even more businesses, professional users, and students will be able to enjoy the benefits of the world’s most comprehensive offline reference publishing, search, and delivery technology.

In today’s business environment, optimal productivity is dependent on speed and accuracy. For organizations within a content-heavy operational context, waiting for the Web and relying on online search are no longer acceptable options: they lack the flexibility, speed, precision, and guaranteed access required for information-dense publications in critical environments. Ultimate search and indexing performance require a powerful offline solution optimized to provide instant access and guarantee the user will quickly and easily find the information needed.

“With TurboSearch, businesses and organizations can finally stop waiting for the Web,” said Alfred Papallo, the Founder and CEO of EIS. “TurboSearch’s powerful search features are unique in the marketplace, and we can GUARANTEE customers will find the information they need within a publication, quickly and easily. There’s no better mission-critical reference support available – this is a game-changer.”

TurboSearch is designed with professional users in mind, who require advanced performance features to meet stringent operational needs:

  • Full offline availability
  • Secure, permanently compressed download app
  • Minimal download time, data usage, and storage space
  • Powerful and comprehensive content indexing and search: all words, numbers, and phrases within the content are indexed and searchable
  • Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH)
  • Pull-down list of suggested search terms
  • Intuitive, familiar-looking “book” layout
  • Ultra-fast learning curve with immediate productivity benefits 

TurboSearch products for Android are currently available at the Google Play Store and Amazon, and TurboSearch for iOS devices will debut in early 2016. FREE TurboSearch Android apps can be found at www.TurboSearch-USA.com.

About Eurofield Information Solutions 

Eurofield Information Solutions Pty Ltd (EIS) is headquartered near Sydney, NSW Australia and is an award-winning, privately-held software development and support organization. The company is passionately focused on providing superior technology solutions for digital reference publications. EIS products, services, and solutions are used worldwide by numerous leading organizations, including the World Health Organization, Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development, International Accounting Standards Board, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Random House Publishing, along with a host of additional governmental organizations, health institutions, universities and private enterprises.


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