Why Everyone Should Use Shaving Cream

shaving cream productsShaving cream is not just for women. There are many marketing strategies in which depict only women using shaving creams, but that doesn’t mean it is a product solely for the female gender. Men need shaving cream just as much as women. There are a few interesting facts about shaving cream that most people don’t realize.

  1. The ingredients used for men’s and women’s shaving cream are primarily the same. They all contain moisturizer and other chemicals to help reduce the friction during shaving.
  2. The main difference in shaving cream is the fragrances used and the packaging.

That is it! So if it doesn’t really matter what type of shaving cream is used, it just matters that it is used!

People looking for a close shave need to remember a few things. The area that is to be shaved needs to be prepped first. Remember how a barber would put a hot towel on a man’s face before shaving? That isn’t just a superfluous thing; it is a necessary step in the process of getting a close shave. It opens up the pores to expose the maximum amount of hair. It helps get down towards the follicle so the person doesn’t have to shave as frequently. So whether it is a woman shaving her legs, a man shaving his head, or a swimmer shaving his arms, using heat will help get the smooth feeling after a shave.

The next thing important for a ‘close shave’ feeling for a man or a woman is to use a quality razor. Some razors have the strip atop of the blade to tell the person when it is time to change razors. No one likes the razor burn feeling and sometimes it doesn’t matter how much shaving cream is used, it can still burn if the razor is dull. To prevent the razor from dulling quickly, it is wise to dry it off after every use. The razor doesn’t dull so much from the hair resistance, but from corrosion from rust. If the blade is dried off properly, then it won’t dull as quickly.

Lastly, it is unclear why men have many after-shave products from which to choose whereas women have hardly any products from which to choose. The important thing is that at least the men should use an after-shave product to reduce the re-growth of the hair. The after-shave closes up those pores to limit how frequently a man needs to shave.

Using the right products such as shaving cream, sharp razors, and after-shave will ensure a close shave that both genders want. Professional grade products will get the professional results that people want, so splurge just a little to get the great feeling of a close shave.

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